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"When we remain silent in the face of injustice, we loudly slap the face of God. Because the person being abused is the face of God."

Ann Voskamp

It took me all day to hit "publish".

I stay out of “political things”...

To be honest I’ve been too fearful that speaking out would effect the support of the organization I love. Yet, as I reflected on that this morning I asked myself just how much I actually love it? If the people who are being demonized, cast out and killed fill the building I drive to every day in a neighborhood that is equally demonized and avoided. It could just as easily be one of them tomorrow. I’m not interested in waiting until it’s a face I know, a story I’ve heard or person I’ve grown to love.

I’ve stayed quiet.

I have avoided touchy topics. I have not wanted to say the wrong thing, or had the right thing upset the wrong people. Meanwhile I have been inwardly outraged and heartbroken. Sadly, I’ve wrestled with the “whose side is she going to take”....and instead of saying it’s neither black or white. I’ve stayed silent. Which is worse.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. This is not an accurate representation of who I am nor what I believe in.

Writing this doesn’t make an immediate difference, but realizing I must use my platform to stand against injustice does. It’s not a “black people thing”, liberal thing, uneducated ...or any other derogatory term you want to throw at it...this is affecting our humanity. If we believe we live in a broken world...with broken systems and broken people...what are we doing to join Him in restoring all things?

Jesus stands against injustice and I choose to follow Him. That's whose side I am on. I was taught if that makes me unpopular then so be it.

So whether I use my words, or actions, I will begin to do something; because...any human life being treated as less than goes against the very first book I choose to believe the beginning...we were ALL created in His likeness and image. That means inherent dignity: value and worth ascribed by our Father in Heaven. Period.

Maybe you are like me, and have been afraid to speak up. Maybe you don't know what to do. Truth is, I don't either - but I do believe we can begin to change the narrative. I want my baby brother and my nephew, as well as the countless other black and brown family members, friends, acquaintances and humans to grow up in a different world. One where the color of their skin is seen as beautiful and not a threat: worthy of living a flourishing life.

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