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One More Reminder.

Under The Sea Birthday Party!

I am a drama mama.

Not all the time, but every once in awhile. My birthday is one of those days.

As a kid I anticipated my birthday. I would remind (more like irritate) my family members by letting them know months away, weeks away, days away - and more than likely hours away too. It was the day the world should rejoice that Ashley Nicole had arrived. We all know that person.

While I have always loved the cake, the presents and the presence of friends and family, I eventually began to dread the years of life that were tacked on to my age. Each year was a reminder. A reminder that time had passed, cherished moments had come and gone, and I was slowly but surely no longer a child. That’s a good thing - eventually we have to grow up. The only thing was grown ups are supposed to be married by a certain time, parents, established etc. Here’s the drama - today; I turn 29 and I can’t say either of those first two things are even close to being in my future. Most days I am OK with that. Other days I feel behind. If you know anything about me you know I am not OK with being behind. I want to be ahead - on top of things. #winning

It has been a great season of learning to be content. I can honestly say I know myself better today than at any other point of my life. I think that is because I have had to be OK with being with myself. You know that word on my wrist: Enough. I am not sharing this so you feel bad for me, or concerned - I DO NOT want you to begin trying to play matchmaker. I simply say this to encourage my friends who find another birthday passing and have the lingering question of, “Am I behind?” That may not be relationally, it could be with work, parenting, financially, spiritually or any other numerous ways. It’s never too late. Our part isn’t to figure out when, but we can decide, today to look around and find things to be thankful for. Name them. Share them. Allow your birthday to be one more reminder to celebrate the fact that you have another day to be a better version of you.

So welcome to my blog! I can’t promise you there won’t be drama - but I am hopeful in celebrating the gift that is each day, and the opportunity I have to share it with you.

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