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Moving Right Along.

April 23, 2020 First home purchased.

Fast forward to today, just over a year later and that first home is going on the market. Nope, this wasn’t the plan. I have loved my house. I have enjoyed the process of making it my own and inviting people to share in that space. A year ago, I embarked on the home-buying experience because I wanted to know that I could do it by myself. I was over my self-wallowing of thinking my “checklist” by 30 needed to include a man. I was now an I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, (do you know what that means) woman. However, don’t mistake my independence for the lack of an incredibly supportive community who has been there each step of the way. I have my people, and those people make life good, so good.

Most of my writing comes out of my deep desire to be reflective. I love looking back to see all that God has done. Too often, I wish there was more I could see in real time, but I am grateful for the grace to receive the blessing of remembering no matter how long it takes me to recall.

God is faithful.

Looking back a year ago, we all were in this perpetual state of unknown. A new virus was wreaking havoc in visible and invisible ways. Our society was fear-ridden and we were encouraged to isolate, to stay safe and quite simply hunker down. I quickly remember watching how quickly life slowed down. There weren’t the same gatherings to look forward to, my calendar was empty, and my daily routine left space for long walks, reading, binging TV shows, making meals at home, and conversations on the phone with loved ones. Life got really simple. It forced me to look at the excess and whether or not those things truly brought me joy.

I was determined to discover what it actually meant to live a life of contentment. I don’t have this completely down. It is a daily choice to be intentional with naming what I have to be grateful for, and not focusing too hard on what I don’t have that I think I need. It’s a daily receiving of manna. Acknowledging that God has always been in the business of providing for our daily needs. Do we receive it with thanks, or do we hoard and look to add to it?

I have been guilty of both – but in a year where I felt stripped of some things, instead of looking around I looked up. After looking up, I would look down at the posture of my hands. Were they closed, holding on tightly to my ever-present need to control, or were they open in holy surrender willing to receive and release– knowing all good things come from God?

This has been the season I have waded through. A season where a lot of my dreams have come true. I finally got to a place where I could purchase my own home. I’m getting married. I have the best fur baby (for me) in the whole world. I love my job. I drive my dream car.... A year ago, I would have done everything in my power to hold onto it all. Too often in the midst of receiving the blessing, I didn’t trust that God would still continually provide. I felt like my job was to receive it and then hold on for dear life.

May 7,2021 House in Slinger goes on the market.

This home was a gift from God. I am at peace in letting it “go” because I have seen God’s faithfulness in providing too many times, to keep doubting Him. Although, I will say I am grateful Tris (Jeep), Belle (fur baby), and eventually Taylor (future husband) will be in the next space with me.

I am so grateful for my time in Slinger. I have already met some incredible people, and I look forward to staying connected as I will be coaching girl’s basketball with a great team at Slinger High School. Community is important to me, and as a church I have grown to know more about and love says – it is important to #lovewhereyoulive. I do, which is why we won’t be moving too far away.

June 30, 2021….close on OUR first home together.

There is a lot I had to learn in my independence that prepared me to be in a relationship. I remember majorly rolling my eyes when I would hear people say, “enjoy your singleness”. However, I am going to echo that same sentiment: enjoy it. Embrace it. Don’t worry about always loving it, but wrestle with it – so that you can be prepared to be with another person. As we like to say down at Hope Street, “be a whole ass person” – and pray that you meet another whole one, so that together you can be something better. It is not another human beings’ job to complete you. Be whole and complete in Christ. Rest in His love, so that you can be in a place to receive the imperfect, albeit still amazing, love from another person. AND in that be intentional about seeking contentment. The key? You don’t have to seek it, pause, look around you, and find rest – He has already provided everything and more than you need.



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