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Love is a miracle.

I love to sing to Jed.

Now that he coos and ahhs, I like to think that he is singing with me. Despite assumptions, most often it’s praise music, not Taylor Swift :) Most recently my favorite song to sing with him is Love is a Miracle by Maverick City Music. Jed doesn’t know (yet) that his mom is not musically gifted, but I am hoping that he is learning to praise, we need only open our mouths, and God receives each off key note.

We started this past Sunday morning like we do most Sundays, with praise music and baking banana bread. I take the bananas that didn’t make it into our mouths during the week, and rescue them before they need to find the trash - and make something new and delicious, bread. I sing to Jed, and I think about all the possibilities of who he will become. My main prayer being he would always know, and rest in just how much he is loved. Knowing full well, loved people love well.

The plan for the rest of the day was set, an afternoon with Mimi, Papa and of course football. What we didn’t expect was an invitation for Jed to meet his great-grandma. Nonnie is Taylor’s grandma, she has Alzheimer’s and has been in memory care for some years. As we pulled up to her place of residence, we were met by Bepa (Taylor’s grandpa). He lovingly prepared us that Nonnie more than likely would just stare, be unresponsive, and most likely fall asleep in her chair. We had no expectations, we just wanted to be present and enjoy a moment together with family.

What we received still brings tears to my eyes.

She continually patted her lap each time Papa attempted to pull Jed away. She wanted to hold him, love him, know him. Her smile, her laugh, and tender glances were glimpses of a mom’s love that I know never goes away. As Nonnie put it, the “little person” both gives and receives love in the purest way. His dependence and full trust in us to care for his basic needs is in turn met with an invitation to draw nearer, be still, and savor. Savor the mundane, simple and repeatable moments that make up each day - because some day, those moments will be gone. Some day these moments will be stories, and possibly fade into the background. Yet, one thing remains, love.

"I’ve got beauty for ashes.

I’ve got joy for mourning.

I’ve got praise for heaviness.

LOVE is a miracle."

For a moment Sunday afternoon, we saw the miracle of a tiny life bring great JOY to a woman (wife, mom, sister, grandma, and now great-grandma). We don’t know what that was like for her, but for us, it was a reminder that our great Father is the giver of good things. And those good things always provide exactly what we need at exactly the right moment. LOVE always heals, always unites, always empowers, and always reminds us of the great miracle of life.

His love is sufficient.

We have now had the great honor and privilege of experiencing His love in a new way, through our greatest blessing, Baby Jedidiah. Whose name means beloved, as the great reminder of the status bestowed upon each of us, as children of God.

This Sunday Jed is 3 months old!

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