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How are you doing?

Humidity that doesn't make for good hair days, wind blowing, a bar that has swings, and time celebrating with is good.

How are you doing?

I hate that question. It sets people up to fail.

Yet, I still ask it.

Depending on the circumstance we don’t give people enough time and space to give us an honest answer. Instead we get and give the patent response: “Fine”, “Pretty good”, “Busy but alright”...we all have our go to response.

I have started asking myself that question before I close my eyes at night. Another day has come and gone; I have encountered countless people, answered emails, diffused conflict, smiled, cried and a host of other things. How am I doing?

Lately, my response has been content, even happy.

I probably reflect more than is necessary. Too often, I need there to be meaning behind every little thing. I want there to be purpose, I want people to know they have purpose, and I want to remember I have purpose. That what I do doesn’t have to be on accident; but also that accidents can reveal purpose too.

Purpose, purpose, purpose….annoyed yet?

Often how people are doing is linked to purpose.

In one on one conversations at Hope Street, I listen to the struggle to find good work, the desire to reconnect with family members and the hope that past decisions haven’t negated the opportunity to

make a difference. Purpose often precedes peace. The kicker? Too often we equate purpose with doing instead of being.

I am not really sure the purpose behind blogging. I suppose it is just an avenue for me to put out all the things floating around my brain. If for no other reason than to remind people that I am human; I have doubts, struggles and sometimes want to give up. One of the members at Hope Street recently stated, “it is good for me to see I can look up to you and relate with you at the same time”. Yes, I hope I can always be relatable. Simply, I hope I can always be. That I’m a little less checklist and a lot more present. My purpose depends on it.

So you may not have asked; but that’s where I am at.

How are you doing?

I am all ears ;)

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