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Every Step An Arrival

Shechem at Hope Street Groundbreaking

Every step an arrival.

7 years. The year of perfection. Perfection, the status quo I attempt to maintain in so many areas in life and often fall short, crippled in anxiety or infuriated by the less than subpar outcome. Year 7 was holding holy things loosely. It was about remembering whose I am more so than what I am able to accomplish. It was continually reminding myself that I am responsible to God, and not for His “things”. It was a year of releasing the burden I had piled on my shoulders. It was choosing to be obedient even when it felt like it would kill me, or at least my reputation. It was taking a new step each day towards remembering where I end and Hope Street begins.

As I reflect back, I think I did well. I am never one to pat myself on the back and I can for sure give you a list of ways I could have been better BUT the sign that I accomplished something? His peace. His peace has kept me in a year where life has been turned upside down for us all. His peace has reminded me that He is and always has been our provider. His peace has kept me on solid ground, when I felt like plans were falling through and my credibility was cracking. His peace has silenced lies and comforted my soul in the midst of the chaos. So was this last year perfect? No, but my heart’s willingness to wrestle with a holy detachment from Hope Street has begun. THAT is a step in the right direction.

I never thought I would still be here, meaning Hope Street. I think I have begun to share this each year; but with each year brings the miracle of more time. More time at a place I love. More time with people who have radically transformed my life. More time to grow, to fail, to try again and more time to say “YES” to His call. It has not always been easy, but it has always been worth it. Each step we take with Him is. Most of my life I have focused on the “perfect ending”. Seeing things through to perfection. What He is teaching me in this season, is each and every step I take with Him each day is an arrival. It is a willingness to join Him, rely on Him, receive His grace, and be restored, as I join Him in restoring all things. So while endings can be beautiful, and produce significant outcomes and stories – each step I take can too. Each step is one more opportunity than I previously had. I don’t want to waste a moment.

Year 8: Each step is significant.

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