Now what?


What are we going to do with the truth that has been instilled and the inspiration that has empowered? We have an opportunity to receive the invitation to move beyond what we have known and always done. This is my favorite part. It is the reflection of the truth that has been instilled and the inspiration that has been felt. It is growth and transformation and the opportunity to engage others. We are called to be in community. Together community holds each other accountable, encourages, and continually equips as we discover how to live life well.


Our job is to keep our ear close to the ground to hear where it is that God is asking us to go next. He doesn’t need us, but He invites us to join Him. We have a choice to do so. Obedience always trumps reason. Invite others into the will of the Father.


To Invite Others - this can come in the form of a practical next step, discussion questions or a specific task.


  • What was the last invitation you received?

  • How do you go about deciding whether or not you would accept the invitation?


In a world attempting to retain influence let’s instill truth, inspire others and invite people to explore how to lead and live a flourishing life.


© 2018 by Ashley Thomas

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